Sunday, October 31, 2010

PINKTOBER ... a round-up of 'Going Pink for Pinktober'


Pink is the color of October: Pink Flamingos, Pink Roses, Pink
Elephants, Pink Champagne, any Pink that you please just as long as it
is Pink. Pink is the color of Pink October, one month set aside for
Breast Cancer Awareness. Spread the word, share the Pink and help
fight Breast Cancer!

Food Bloggers are a caring, sharing bunch, willing to band together to
help out any number of causes and this month Pink has been floating
out of the Mactweets Kitchen for this worthy cause. For Pink October,
we have created Pinkarons. Our MacPassionate bakers have gone Pink
with an intriguing array of flavors, from English Rose and Berry Pink
to Cherry, Lychee, Fig and Peanut Butter & Jelly as well as those
decorated with the symbolic Pink Ribbon. A gorgeous selection of
Pinkarons all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness. And don't miss
the fabulous MacBoobies!

Sarah @ Maison Cupcake with Peppermint and Dried Raspberry Macarons {Not blogged yet due no feet}

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  1. What a fabulous collection and for a very good cause! What an honor to be in such great company. Thank you Deeba for the roundup.

  2. You forgot mine:(
    Strawberry Macarons in honor of my Aunt Laurie

  3. So many fabulous macs in so many beautiful shades of pink.

  4. Wowo i think this is the highest amount of Macs you have recieved in the Mactweet, they all look beautifuL.

  5. Reveling in all the fabulous pinkness... If breast cancer could be cured by beauty and love we would have kicked it ass by now. Thanks for the Macboobies mention!

  6. What a great collection! So great to see what everyone else did!

  7. Great work everyone! Beautiful macarons. I have a dear friend - a YOUNG dear friend in mid thirties just diagnosed with breast cancer and my cousin was just diagnosed in August. It is such an important cause. Pink Power!
    Beautiful work!

  8. Wonderful roundup of pinkarons. Nice to see many food bloggers out there supporting a good cause. Thanks to Deeba and Jamie for hosting this site!