Saturday, December 12, 2009

MAC ATTACK 2 - Macinspirational Round-up

The First Official Mactweets Mac Attack has rolled to an end and we all had a great time! Deeba and Jamie thank everyone for participating. We were not only amazed at the number of you who joined us in the Mac Kitchen, but thrilled with the energy, effort and fun you guys brought along with you and put into it. We have a fabulous Round Up: over 30 of you baked along with us and some are still sending us their links. So be patient for this round up: we have divided it into two to give everyone the chance to visit each blog and check out all of the macs, and what a stunning array of flavors and creativity we have in our Mac Kitchen.

Here is round Up #1:

of Life's a Feast

of Passionate About Baking

Sunita of Sunita's World

Sarah of Maison Cupcake

Finla aka Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures

Renee of Flamingo Musings

Simone of Junglefrog Cooking

Paula of Dragon's Kitchen

Pam of The Cooking Ninja

El of Heaven in a Wild Flower

Nicola of Cherrapeno

Lisa of Lisa is Cooking

Faithy The Amateur Baker

Barbara of Barbara Bakes

And fabulous Mowie of Mowielicious

Enjoy! Share recipes! Round Up #2 will be posted in 2 days!

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  1. They're all beautiful! I'm getting macenvy.
    I love the idea of mango and matcha.

    Libbs x

  2. oh goodness they all look SO good. I love Mowie's mac cake.. LOL as if eating a mac wasn't enough LET'S PUT THEM ON A CAKE! Love the spirit :)

  3. Ok, now you have persuaded me to try macs! I love them all :)

  4. Great roundup! Looking forward to seeing the next lot!

  5. Wow, what incredible photos! You guys are such Mac artists. Great flavours, so much variety.

  6. I guess macarons are one of the few pastry that can be made very cute-looking :-)) Some of these would be perfect for a baby-shower :D (not that I'm planning in having one).
    Thanks for the round up, next time I'll be in there too lol

  7. Wow I just asked a Mac book for my Newyears present and hubby just ordered, now I regret asking him that as why should one need a book of mac when there is such a variety available here.
    Love all of them. And i am sure looking forward to the second part.
    Thankyou for doing the round up.

  8. I'm in love with these - Macarons ROCK!
    Great round-up!

  9. Hi Jamie & Deeba, thanks for posting the round up! Sorry but wanted to point out that the picture you posted under my name (EL from heavenwildfleur) wasn't my macs, think they belonged to someone else though the links were correct. Thought to let you know so you can attribute them correctly to the correct baker :)

  10. Thanks for the lovely round up; such an amazing variety, one is spoilt for choice!

  11. EL Oh so sorry! My fault and I will fix that.

  12. hi... i apologize but cristie from thetablerunner and myself from foodfinery also joined, posted and linked to you. we are not listed :( ???

  13. Mowie should publish a coffee table book as his photography is stunning....