Monday, December 14, 2009

Round up part II

Deeba and Jamie are now proud to offer you Mac Attack Round Up Group #2!

Just as fantastic as Group #1, but we had so many bakers that we wanted to offer less at once and allow you the time to visit each and every blogger and see their macs up close and personal. So enjoy the rest of the Mactweets!

of Moroccan Cuisine Marocaine

Mardi of Eat Live Travel Write

Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey?

Shaz of Test With Skewer

Hana aka Heavenly Housewife of From Donuts to Delirium

Tiffany of Foodfinery

Lauren of Coffee Muffins

Deborah of Italian Food Forever

Barbara of Vino Luci Style

Casey of Kitchen Witch Cookie aka Tastestopping

Denise of Chez Us

Asha of Fork Spoon Knife

Bron of Bron Marshall

Vivian of Island Dreaming in Oklahoma

Alessio of Recipe Taster

Cristie of The Table Runner

And Jamie is proud to present her sister Sue's first ever macs (without a pastry bag)

Catty of The Catty Life enjoying eating macs with us!

Thank you each and every one of you for participating and we hope to see you back every month for a New (flavors, colors, styles) and Improved (our macs of course!) Mac Attack!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this! Thanks also for including my woeful attempts but am pleased to see the feet eluded some others too! I am in excellent company!

  2. Yeah! there they r :D My sad mac-shells and me are proud to be mentioned among such cute and yummy sweet-buttons mac :D

  3. Love the round ups & love everyones enthusiasm. HAPPY FEET DANCE...thank you Sue for joining us. (I work without a pastry bag too). I love how well your macs have turned out.

  4. Beautiful.I love that even when they are not looking as a Mac you add them, which gives us encouragment .
    I am sure soon your sis will start a log of her own.

  5. oops! please please forgive me! :) i commented earlier and oops... here we are! thanks and sorry i get a tad impatient :) it was SO fun1!!

  6. Such a great idea to break them up into two lots! Looking forward to next month, yay! Thanks again for organising :)

  7. I FINALLY made my macs and got the post up. I know it's way too late (better late than never, right? lol), but I figured I'd give you all a heads up anyway :( In any event, I'm in awe of the creativity and beauty of all of your macs! Bravo!

  8. I love that all these macs are in one place. So much variety. I should get the nerve to try them again :)