Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mac Attack #10 - A SUMMER FLICK

Every time I go to a move it's magic, no matter what the movie is about.
- Steven Spielberg

Escape the sweltering summer heat by slipping into a cool, dark movie theater, snuggle down into the cushioned chair, feet propped up on the seatback in front of you and start tossing hot, buttery popcorn into your mouth one plump, salty piece after another. Or gather the family together in your own living room around a pizza in front of that favorite dvd, the perfect way to end a day of vacation, a day spent on the beach or hanging around the pool, snapping pictures of the sites or standing in line waiting to spend a steamy day at the zoo. Or remember the good old days of school holidays when all the kids would pile into the station wagon and dad would drive the gang to a drive-in movie? A classic! Ah, movies are so much a part of summer holidays!

The latest blockbuster chock full of shoot outs, car chases and giant fire balls, a soppy summer romance, an animated film for the kids… summer is the best time to kick back and watch a movie. Oldies and goldies, chick flicks, sci fi or vampires, we all have our favorites, the perfect movie to forget the heat or just relax and lose ourselves in another world. So this month, come into the cool kitchen, turn up the air and pull out your egg whites and think of that great movie that takes you away, lets you become someone else, travel to somewhere else and just escape.

Friends, this month’s Mac Attack challenges you to create that perfect macaron inspired by a movie: whether old or new, comedy or drama, black & white or in glorious Technicolor, let that movie inspire, fire up the ideas and pull you into an imaginary world of cameras, lights, costumes and scenery. You are the screenwriter, the director, the cast and crew… now to produce an award winning cinematographic macaron!

* Thanks to Mardi of for suggesting this month's theme! We are open for suggestions for future Mac Attack themes so feel free to e-mail Jamie or Deeba!

Please have your Mac Attack post up no later than August 15 '10.

Here are the rules of the game:

  1. Once you have posted your Mac Attack macarons on your blog, make sure that you mention the Mactweets Mac Attack challenge in your post and link back to the Mactweets blog.

  2. Please link back to this challenge on your post.

  3. Feel free to promote the Mactweets blog by proudly displaying the Mactweets badge in your Mac Attack post as well as in your sidebar! It isn't mandatory but is a nice way to get the word out!

Round up will be on August 20, 2010.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

"Mac Attack 9" - SING, SING A SONG …. The Round Up

"She was my ground, my favorite sound, my country road, my city street, my sky above, my only love, and the ground beneath my feet."
U2, The Million $ Hotel
Hola you wonderful mac passionate folk. Hope you are rocking with us. A 1000 apologies for this delayed round up. I know we should have got this out yesterday but the mac sistahs were both worked to the bone on their respective continents, racing against time to meet deadlines of the real world types. Jamie was packing her bags to fly off for a well deserved vacation to Florida...

 All her bags are packed, she's ready to go
Yes the dawn is breakin', it's early morn

The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already we're happy you're off to fly
Jamie's leaving on a jet plane

I know when she'll be back again
Oh, babe, we have to post the feet ...

... while Deeba was facing demolition men! Nothing as dramatic as it might sound, but her kitchen is in for a makeover and her life is everything but baking & blogging currently... {read heat and dust!}.
 Oh! demolition, demolition
Demolition, demolition
Tied to the tracks and the train’s fast coming
Strapped to the wing with the engine running
You say that this wasn’t in your plan
And don’t mess around with the demolition man

Shall not hold you singing to our haphazard music any longer! We're rocking and rolling this month with a fabulous turn out of talented mac bakers and singers. Take a look at  their genius creations, all inspired with music to rock your soul!
Rachel @ My Munchable Musings with Purple Summer Macarons
Sarah @ Maison Cupcake with Nut-Ella Fitzgerald Macs {Hazelnut Macs with Mascarpone & Nutella Filling}
Cathy @ Wives With Knives with Lemon Drop Macarons

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