Thursday, June 07, 2012



A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. 
Robert Orben 

School is out, summer is here! Let’s shout out a rousing cheer! Suitcases lying open on the bedroom floor waiting for our favourite summer gear: we toss in swimsuits – more than one – flip-flops and sun cream. Hiking shoes and a floppy hat, guide books and maps fill tote bags and we tuck an extra box of cookies alongside the paper bags of fruit and packages of lollipops for those “just in case” moments on the road.

On the road again 

Goin' places that I've never been. 
Seein' things that I may never see again 

And I can't wait to get on the road again. 
- Willie Nelson 

Cameras recharged and so are we: with the idea of getting away from it all, escaping to some idyllic vacation spot, whether the beach, the mountains or some far-away exotic land. Each of us has some special place, a wonderful memory of the best vacation we have ever taken, the perfect spot tucked away somewhere out there in the world that still stirs up nostalgic sentiment, the place we plan to return to once again. And each of us has some beautiful vision of a place we have yet only dreamed about, some romantic spot or some exciting discovery full of adventure!

So as we prepare for this year’s summer vacation, as we pour over those guide books, study maps, make up lists and dream, we wander into the kitchen and bake macarons. Our best macarons reminiscent of that ideal vacation or that perfect holiday spot. Mountains, seaside, tiny hamlet lost in the countryside, large, bustling city teeming with restaurants and museums, these are our inspiration. Maybe a romantic getaway for two or a rousing family adventure; an escapade with your best friends or a soothing trip alone. Let’s channel the best vacation that comes to mind and from that thought, memory or distant dream, let’s create a fabulous Vacation Macaron!

As school lets out with that final bell and summer vacation approaches quickly, let’s bake a Vacation-inspired mac! Let your imaginations flow in any direction that it will and lets get creative, as creative as planning the perfect holiday trip!

So grab your suitcase and you know where this is going….


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The round up will be posted on July 5, 2012!

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  1. Here's my entry for this month's topic, hope you guys like it :)

  2. Hello, here's my entry (:

  3. These blue macarons remind me of a very nice vacation I spendt on the French Riviera several years ago..

  4. I love holidays by the beach and the macarons I remind me of strolling barefoot on the sand...

  5. Saint-Jean-Baptiste day is National day in Québec, but also the symbol of the beginning of summer and the end of the school these macarons are the perfect vacation macarons.

  6. Hi Jaime and Deeba, I'm really excited since this is my first time entering this challenge on MacTweets. These rosewater macarons remind me of a wonderful time that we had in Napa Valley. And here is my entry:

  7. I cannot believe I got here this month. In the midst of this blistering heat here I am with Macaron à la Peaches et Crème

  8. Here are mine! I'm off to France and my macarons reflect that!!

  9. The link was broken. Sorry About that. Fixed now. Great White shark Macarons.

  10. This brought me straight back to our Hong Kong vacation involving lots of green tea ice cream and red bean desserts. Here's my post about my Green tea macarons with red bean mascarpone filling.

  11. Ahhh hope I'm not too late!! Whilst it is not Summer here is freezing Melbourne, and school is still 'in', I still wanted to have a go :) Here are my Salt and Vinegar Macarons - inspired by sitting on the beach on a hot summer's night eating hot chips lathered with vinegar and sprinkled with salt!

  12. Ohh i am sooo late this is my entry