Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Live each season as it passes; 
breathe the air, drink the drink, 
taste the fruit, 
and resign yourself to the influences of each. 
Henry David Thoreau 

The summer has flown by and Mactweets was on vacation. We are back now as the summer wanes and the days turn cooler (or warmer, depending upon where you live). The fruits on market stalls metamorphose, peaches and cherries fade into apples and pears, plums in a tumult of size and color, purple and red, yellow and green, defy the calendar and keep the pumpkins at bay. (But not for long!) But the season is surely changing, and autumn will be upon us before we know it – unless spring has sprung where you are down under.

It is at the change of seasons that we most notice and appreciate the fruits and vegetables at our local farmer’s market and grocery store. We grasp onto the last remaining this or that favorite, sad to see them go, enjoying as many as we can before they disappear, yet begin to yearn for those that we’ve not tasted since last year and now cannot wait to eat. Each visit to the market offers us surprises as what was there yesterday is replaced with something we hadn’t yet expected. And the excitement sets in! Pies and cakes, dishes savory and sweet that we haven’t made once since last year are now calling to us. As we use up the last of one season’s fruits, we eagerly watch for the next season’s treasures to arrive and we plan our baking accordingly.

This special feeling towards fruit, 
its glory and abundance, 
is I would say universal.... 
Jane Grigson 

Autumn’s first Mac Attack Challenge will have you featuring the season’s best fruits. Seasonal, fresh fruit will add an exuberant twist, the perfect companion to your delicate, sweet macarons. Savory, sweet, anyway you love your macarons, simply add the very best your market has to offer. And while we are at it, make the fruit local and share with your fellow MacPassionate Bakers what grows where you live.

So now it is up to you! September’s Mac Attack challenge is to create a macaron highlighting a fresh, seasonal, local fruit – or vegetable! Why not? Sweet or savory, Macarons with Seasonal Fruit is your challenge!

Now, just follow the rules!

1. When you post your Mac Attack macarons on your blog, make sure that you mention the Mactweets Mac Attack challenge in your post and link back to the Mactweets blog. Please make sure that your Macarons are inspired by the theme: Macarons with Seasonal Fruit! This is obligatory if you would like to be included in the round up!

2. Please link back to this challenge on your post. This is obligatory if you would like to be included in the round up!

3. Feel free to promote the Mactweets blog by proudly displaying the Mactweets badge in your Mac Attack post as well as in your sidebar! It isn't mandatory but is a nice way to get the word out!

4. Have your Macarons with Seasonal Fruit posted on your own blog by SEPTEMBER 30, 2012. And being just a little bit late never hurt anybody...

5. Once your post is up, simply leave the link to the post as a comment to this Mac Attack Challenge post!

The round up will be posted on OCTOBER 5, 2012!

When tweeting your macaron post, don't forget to add #mactweets

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  1. Hurray! I haven't made macs since I was in Paris this summer (where I made SO MANY!) so I am ready to jump back in the saddle! Nice theme too!

  2. So happy you're back! Can't wait to get started on this new challenge.

  3. I'm totally intimidated by Macs. In fact I've never got one with a feet. I've been on a hiatus from blogging for past 4 months. I take this as a chance to be back to blogging. Back with Macs it is!

  4. I still have yet to make macarons... Ugh... I just need to do it. Really, I do.

  5. Mine are up. Bloody Mary Macarons: Horseradish Shells with Tomato Tabasco Vodka Jam Filling http://tinyurl.com/99jyxvk

  6. My macarons for this month are up! I made plum macarons :)


  7. My macs for this months are Raspberry Buttercream Macarons!


  8. http://macaron-fetish.blogspot.fr/2012/10/apple-jelly-white-chocolate-and-walnut.html

    This is my entry Apple Jelly White Chocolate and Walnut Macaron :)

  9. I'm in macaron withdrawal, since I haven't made any in many months, but have to say I'm loving looking at all of yours! Maybe when my little boy is a little older I'll have time again for such a time consuming cookie, for now I'll have to settle for looking at all of your beautiful macs!

  10. Here are mine (late but still...)