Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SPRING FLING ... Mac Attack 5

SPRING IS IN THE AIR ...  (or we are wishing it to happen)

I know, it’s still February and in most parts of the world icy wind is blowing, snow is piling up at the door or rain, sleet and gray skies greet us every morning. Our one ray of February sunshine, Valentine’s Day, has come and gone and now all we can do is hunker down and wait for spring. So we at MacTweets have decided that the very best way to get through the rest of winter, to carry us along on a wave of optimism is to think Springlike thoughts, thoughts of warm breezes and sunshine, running barefoot through the grass or squishing our toes in warm sand as waves splash up around our ankles.
... Flowers blooming, their heady fragrance making our head spin, crocus and daffodils pushing their dainty heads up through the dark, damp dirt, window boxes filling up with colorful geraniums and gardenias stretching their petals in the warm sun, parks inviting us for a flower-strewn stroll and tiny buds sprouting on tree limbs then bursting into bloom. Ahhhh. Close your eyes and breath deeply, listen to the birds chirping and the bees buzzing, bury your nose in an armful of flowers and wash the winter blues away.
This month’s Mac Attack theme is:
SPRING FLING : Baking Your Favorite Springtime Flowers
Let your favorite flowers influence you in the kitchen as you sift sugar and nuts and fold in meringue. The colors, the flavors, the shapes, just close your eyes and let your imagination roll into Spring time and think of your kitchen as a magic garden with macarons blooming, bursting forth into a bouquet of flowers.

Now, go forth, MacPassionate friends, go forth and create!

Please have your Mac Attack Post up no later than March 10 '10.
Here are the rules of the game:
  1. Once you have posted your Mac Attack macarons on your blog, please make sure you leave a comment with a link here on this post.
  2. Please link back to this challenge on your post.
  3. Please feel free to use the Mac Tweets logo. It isn't mandatory but is a nice way to get the word out!
Round up will be on March 15, 2010.

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  1. Excellent! I'm very excited to partake in my first Mac Attack!

  2. Yay! Will fling for spring (even though it's the last month of summer for us and heading into fall:)) Soooo lookign forward to this one!

  3. Oooh and there was me thinking about doing a flowery mac anyway! Going to buy my ingredients for this today, very excited!

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  5. pring! I decided to make a light fruity flavour macaron - so here they are Blood Orange Macarons



  6. I have decided to go for yellow and pink..and this is my first time macaron


  7. My post for MacAttack5 is up! http://theamateurbaker.blogspot.com/2010/02/mactweetsma5-spring-fling-yuzu-redbean.html

  8. My Saffron Vanilla Macarons are ready! Check out my post for MacAttack 5!

  9. Hello, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I had a bit of a tidy online last week and my blog's name AND address has changed from 57 Varieties (as on the MacTweets blogroll) to Scrumptious Sally!

    My MacAttack 5 post is up at: http://scrumptioussally.blogspot.com/2010/03/jasmine-tea-and-violet-macarons.html

    This one was fun, productive and satisfying. But exhausting!

  10. I was goign to make some anyways as requested by my son for his birthday, this makes it perfect.

    My post at

    thanks Deeba and Jamie

  11. Hello! I've been inspired by everyone's beautiful macarons! This website is so fun, I am really enjoying learning how to make these!

    Here are my spring fling macarons:

  12. I'm not trying to be a keener her, but when your recipe leaves you with 150 *leftover* macaron shells, you've got to do something with them, so here's a second post:

    must remember to use much smaller recipe next month....

  13. My post is up! I had some peach & yellow tulips that inspired me to me make Prickly Pear & Passion Fruit Macarons.


  14. Post is up. Mango macarons with a hibiscus tapioca filling. Thanks again for hosting this guys.


  15. Here's my entry for the spring macarons: "Simple Spring Macs" :D

  16. Wow! Everyone's entries are so creative this month! I decided on Lavender Macarons with Fresh Orange Buttercream!


  17. Everyone has such lovely and creative entries! Here is my entry for the MacAttack 5 Spring Fling macarons. I made rose, orange blossom, and gianduja macarons.


  18. here are my camomile macarons with honey vanilla buttercream filling, topped off with sugar camomile flowers


  19. Finally! Am I always the last? Here are my Tulip Macarons with Honey-Pistachio Macarpone Cream filling and an ode to the flower!


    And a shout out to Kim who showed me how to do the cool swirl!

  20. FEET GLORIOUS FEET ... finally found them!!

  21. Looks like I might last this month. I actually forgot the date was coming up!


  22. Thank you Deeba and Jamie!

    Here's my second installment to Mactweets.

    Happy Spring everybody!

  23. @Fabelicious Gorgeous macs and roses but I couldn't leave a comment on your blog post! Why not?

  24. Finally finished mine: Fig Macarons With Lychee Champagne Buttercream


  25. Yea! My post is up for the Spring Fling. Can't wait to see all the wonderful mac's.

  26. Left of my link- http://www.thetablerunner.com/2010/03/mactweets-spring-fling-and-lessons.html

  27. My macs are up at

  28. Ouf - FINALLY! FIVE batches later... Read all about it here: http://www.eatlivetravelwrite.com/2010/03/mactweets-spring-fling/

  29. I know I'm too late for the roundup, but wanted to say thanks for the great theme this time around! I just put up my "Big Mac" macarons: http://www.lafujimama.com/2010/03/big-mac-macarons/

  30. Sorry this will be too late for the roundup but I'm pretty chuffed with my first ever batch.