Saturday, March 06, 2010


THE DAY OF THE MACARON - Mac Attack 5 extended

Every year on March 20, the world celebrates Macaron Day. According to the site Relais Desserts, Le Jour du Macaron is

Une journée pendant laquelle chacun peut succomber avec délice à cette gourmandise ronde, légèrement bombée, au cœur moelleux et aux couleurs chatoyantes qu’est le macaron.

In other words, it’s the day when each one of us can succumb to the delights and pleasure of this lightly domed delicacy, crispy on the outside with a tender, moist center in a dazzling array of colors! And, may I dare add, the amazing flavor sensation, the burst of exquisite gustatory delight, whether simple or exotic, sweet, savory or spicy, the macaron truly tickles the tastebuds in a way that no other treat does! In other words, on March 20 we can dare to express our passion for this oh-so French treat, this dainty confection, and give in to the pure enjoyment, the gustatory pleasure of the wonderful Macaron to our hearts’ delight.

And what better way for Mactweets to celebrate this most festive and perfect occasion that posting our March roundup on The Day of the Macaron? So we at Mactweets have decided to extend this month’s Mac Attack challenge until the 15th of March so that we can post the round up on March 20, Le Jour du Macaron.

So go forth and create, fellow MacPassionates, create something special for the occasion. Eat all the macarons you like on this special day, pass the plate of macarons around and share the pleasure and don’t forget to stop by Mactweets to see the roundup of a fabulous collection of gorgeous, inventive, titillating macarons.

Don’t forget that this month’s theme is “Spring Fling: Be inspired by your favorite spring flowers.”

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  1. LOVE that description!!!

    Yay for extending the deadline and sorry for putting you to more work!

  2. Oh, I love this theme! Can't wait to see the spring macs.

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  4. Hi all! I would like to share a little haiku poem that was recently left as a comment on my blog by one of my "tasters". She hit the nail on the head in the last line:

    Love your macarons
    Delicious treat but really
    It's a foot fetish.

    Soooooooo true!

    See you all on the 20th! Bonne fête du macaron!

  5. I don't know what happened. I know Deeba, I know Jamie, how come I don't know this blog? And I've been wanting to do Macarons for ages! Anyway, too late for this one, but I'll join you for the next theme.

  6. My post is up.....

  7. @Adele! Now why did I think that you were already a part of Mactweets? Thank heavens you found us! And slip into our rhythm whenever and however you are ready, there is always room!

  8. Hi all
    my post is up, have a great week everyone.

  9. Hi everyone, My post is up too:
    (chrysanthemum macarons and not-quite jasmine macarons)

  10. My post is up!

  11. Hello, This was so much fun. My post is up at


    I absolutely loved this spring edition of #mactweets !!! My post is up!

  13. Last minute, but here come my cherry blossom inspired macarons.

    Great challenge Deeba and Jamie!

  14. A bit late, but my Spring Macaron post is up.

    Thanks Jamie and Deeba!

  15. I am 2 days late, but coudn't resist making them after seeing all the beautiful ones for tha last days.
    Here is my link

  16. Congratulations on all the beautiful macarons!

    Anyone who wants to try a recipe that is by far the one I've had the most success with, I've posted it online here:

  17. LOVE the theme! I'm bummed that I'll miss out on the roundup though. My post isn't going up until the 20th! :( NEXT TIME! But I'm sure going to enjoy coming over and seeing what everyone made!

  18. Great theme! My first try at Mactweets. Hope you enjoy my contribution!

    Have a great spring, all!

  19. Yikes!

    For some reason, I thought we were posting on March 20th because of Macaron Day! =(

    My first attempt at macarons since the DB Challenge back in October...had some issues. If any fellow MacTweeters could steer me in the right direction...I'd so appreciate it. I'm gonna give it another try next week. Not a total failure...just not the optimal results or macaron characteristics.

    Lemon Macarons:

    Thanks for having me...looking forward to more macs!

  20. Ouf - FINALLY! FIVE batches later... Read all about it here:

  21. I've got the Spring Fever and here's why.…paris-on-my-mind/