Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mac-Aprils!! .... Mac Attack 6

A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew,
A cloud, and a rainbow's warning,
Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue
An April day in the morning.
Harriet Prescott Spofford


April is here but no fools are we! One would imagine that Easter is the obvious choice for April’s Mac Attack Challenge, but as we sat and thought about it, visions of bunnies and eggs in pastel colors floating before our eyes, we realized that not everyone celebrates Easter. But April, that doorway to Springtime, a month of both sunshine and rain, is jam-packed with holidays, from April Fool’s Day (Poisson d’Avril for you Francophiles) on the First all the way to Arbor Day jumping on board the last Friday of the month. And in between we find yes, Easter, but Passover as well – and don’t we love yeast-less, flour-less macarons at Passover? – World Health Day and Earth Day among others. So we have decided to leave the choice up to you! It may be religious or national or something in between, but this month of April, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is for your macarons to be influenced by an April holiday. Just let us know how your macs relate to a specific holiday.

Now, Mac Passionates, go forth and create!

Please have your Mac Attack post up
no later than April 10 '10.

Here are the rules of the game:
  1. Once you have posted your Mac Attack macarons on your blog, please make sure you leave a comment with a link here on this post.
  2. Please link back to this challenge on your post.
  3. Please feel free to use the Mac Tweets logo. It isn't mandatory but is a nice way to get the word out!
Round up will be on April 15, 2010.

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  1. I don't do anything special for Easter, but I have noticed evry year when it is Easter time lots of yellow deocrations pop uo in the shops, so i think i will make something yellowish.

  2. An Easter weekend project, if I have recovered enough from Round 5!

  3. Does anyone know where to get a great violette flavouring? I want one - got one, and it is really bitter. Help? I would lOVE to do violette!

  4. Dear... "A Canadian Foodie",

    Wilton makes an awesome violet color and it is flavorless. http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=3E30C98D-475A-BAC0-5187E9B047CE5077&killnav=1

    You don't have to purchase the entire kit... they sell individually as well! Best of luck!


  5. Oh those macaroons looks so good!

  6. Hi Everyone!
    Hope everyone is having a lot of fun with this month's challenge! My 'Easter' macarons post is up http://bit.ly/bnnNDI Can't wait to see your creations.

  7. Hey guys,
    Went with an April Fools day theme with Lemon-Ginger 'floating' macs (with a transparent lemonade jelly center). Post is up at:
    Thanks again for hosting this, looking forward to the round-up.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    Stumbled upon this website on a day I happened to be finishing up a batch of Cherry Blossom macarons. Serendipity! http://wp.me/phetk-15M

  9. Easter/April macarons are posted here:

    Subtle colour, but rich chocolate and raspberry flavours.
    Thank you for this fun challenge! Look forward to seeing everyone else's creations.

  10. Here are my mimosa macarons!


  11. Mine's all about the Egg :)


  12. Oops - I didn't browse the site thoroughly enough to see that just last month, someone already did a cherry blossom macaron. So, ignore my entry - you've been there, done that. ;)

  13. Lemon Cheesecake Macarons for me! http://annesfood.blogspot.com/2010/04/lemon-cheesecake-macarons.html

  14. Juqst posted mine, wanted yellow colour but after baking the colour just changes :-)
    Here is the link
    Easter Macaron with peanut butter filling.

  15. Hi, my post is up!

    Spring Break = Mexican Beach + Piña Colada. Hence, Piña Colada Macarons http://bit.ly/9EyfpZ :)

  16. Hey hey!
    here are my Tiffany & co. birthday macarons. =)


  17. http://macaron-fetish.blogspot.com/2010/04/licorice-mascarpone-cream-macarons.html

    Here is my entry Licorice Mascarpone Cream Macarons

  18. I'm not late am I??? whew! {new post} April's Macaron Challenge! http://bit.ly/aWbMiP (pssst.. part of the challenge is finding them!)

  19. Ha! Finished the Mac-April (Mac Attack 6). Cutting it awfully close! =)

    Vanilla and Dulce de Leche (Cajeta) Macarons


    Please check 'em out! Thanks for a fun challenge.

  20. Vanilla themed for this one! http://www.simplelifelove.com/2010/04/vanilla-macarons-with-vanilla-bean.html

  21. Silly, silly me. I spent the whole weekend making Macs, planning to post them tomorrow.......cause I thought deadline was 12th. Oh well, will still do it tomorrow.

  22. http://foodfinery.blogspot.com/2010/04/april-mac-attack.html

    here is my #6 mactweets post!

  23. i have this post on hold since easter! silly me!

  24. Sorry, I got confused between the 10th (deadline) and the 15th (roundup)! I actually made them before easter but was on holiday last week. Doh!


  25. Just put my post up.....sorry its late http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2010/04/13/dutch-queens-day-macarons/

  26. Naughty, naughty me! Finally got them done and posted! I am proud to say that they are the best I have ever made! Like dense brownies! French Easter Chocolate Praline Macs!


  27. Better late than never, and another late host! I almost never posted them because I wasn't happy with them. Mardi talked me into posting them last evening (on twitter), so here I am!!

  28. and here are mine! phew glad i remembered to post the link this time: http://whatsforlunchhoney.blogspot.com/2010/04/matcha-macarons-with-passionfruit-curd.html

  29. Just an fyi I just subscribed to your rss feed but it was really hard to find it! It's only at the very bottom of this page & the writing is in white which does not show up at all. The black subscribe word does not look like a clickable link. Barb

  30. I don't understand what have you found in those Mac's, have you watched the "Super Size Me", all types of food that are made in McDonalds is creating you health disorders.