Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There was now employment for the whole party ; for though they could not all talk, they could all eat ; and the beautiful pyramids of grapes, nectarines, and peaches soon collected them round the table.
- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

This will be ever so short and quite to the point: in June and approaching July we are thinking of fruit! A change of seasons, no matter the season in your homeland, means the fading away of all we have gotten used to, and we watch with mixed emotions as they slowly disappear from the market stalls. We have convinced ourselves that these are the fruits we love the best and the cakes and pies produced with their loving fragrance are what make our house a home. And then, for a very short time, we are caught between two seasons as in some culinary limbo: the last of this or that are withered and tasteless and the earliest of the next are floury and bland. But little by little, as the season advances and the heaps and piles of this one or that become higher, the color richer, deeper reds and purples, oranges and yellows, the aroma stronger, fruitier, sweeter, more enticing, we recall with excitement the flavors, the recipes, the joy of what was, just last year, our favorite fruit.

And now we are in full summer/winter and a new cornucopia of beautiful, luscious fruit tumbles before us and begs our attention. And our mind begins to churn and ideas begin to form and we remember that there is nothing that we love baking with better than fruit!

This will be ever so short and quite to the point: Fruit! This June, our Mac Attack challenge to you is to create something sensational, whether sweet or savory macarons, with fruit! Dried, powdered, fresh, any form, any flavor you choose, just incorporate a fruity flavor (or two! Or three!) into your shells or your fillings. Let your imagination flow! Blend in herbs or spices, chocolate or vanilla, plain or fancy, elegant or homey, but now is the best of the season’s fruit and we will bake accordingly!

Though careless enough in most matters of eating, he loved good fruit – or if he did not, his friends and children did.
- Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Please forgive the late date of this challenge – Deeba is traveling and Jamie is up to her neck in work! So if you can, please have your macs baked and your challenge posted by the end of the month…but if you are a little late, just send it along and we will make sure it is added to the roundup!

Now…get baking! Just follow the rules:

1. Once you have posted your Mac Attack macarons on your blog, make sure that you mention the Mactweets Mac Attack challenge in your post and link back to the Mactweets blog. Please make sure that your Mac Attack #20 macarons are inspired by the theme!

2. Please link back to this challenge on your post.

3. Feel free to promote the Mactweets blog by proudly displaying the Mactweets badge in your Mac Attack post as well as in your sidebar! It isn't mandatory but is a nice way to get the word out!

4. Have your Fruity Macs posted on your own blog by June 30, 2011. And being just a little bit late never hurt anybody...

5. Once your post is up, simply leave the link to the post as a comment to this Mac Attack Challenge post!

The round up will be posted on or about July 5, 2011!

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  1. http://ifyousuhmell.blogspot.com/2011/06/macarons-with-passionfruit-curd.html

  2. Mine are up. I had fun recreating a favorite German dessert. Vanilla Macarons with Rote Grütze filling.


  3. et voici le mien : macarons aux fraises des champs (wild strawberry macarons)


  4. Mine are up. A bit of a stretch but cocoa nibs come from beans, the fruit of the cocoa tree, right?


  5. so exciting, here is my macs, choco-caramel passion fruit jelly macarons


  6. Hello: love fruity macarons, too much choice! Life is a bowl of cherry-almond and cherry-vanilla-basil macarons


    Looking forward to popping by the others - I adore seeing all of your wonderful creations! Enjoy the rest of June: we're heading for a scorcher today at 37°C in Paris... ouf!
    Jill xo

  7. http://fazya.blogspot.com/2011/06/mactweets-1-fruit-which-is-very-wtf.html

    hehe 1st time mac tweet activity :)

    fruit macaron.. voila!

  8. Here's my post including Mango Mascarpone Macarons =)


  9. mine's up...lychee cream cheese macarons!



  10. Here's my post.. milk chocolate pistachio griottine & white chocolate berry macs..


    Just moved back to Indonesia, so I got some difficulties tweaking the recipe, but all is well now :D

  11. sorry, I couldn't resist posting another one... hope you enjoy :


  12. Here is a very quick mac post. Little picture from my phone as I am off on holiday tomorrow. Hope you like my Raspberry Ripple Macarons

  13. Just posted my first Mac Attack Challenge - gooseberry and elderflower.


  14. Just barely made the deadline! Been a "pupule" (crazy) month. But here our Papaya Macarons:


  15. I finally got my post up, a few hours late but hope it counts :) You can find it here: http://testwithskewer.blogspot.com/2011/07/blood-sweat-and-macarons.html. I used blodd limes and strawberry.

  16. Pineapple and vanilla bean. It's the last one I swear, but fruits are so inspiring...it gives me tons of ideas !


  17. I was going to make mine - they failed twice...so I gave up for this month, which is disappointing of me since I really wanted to do it... oh well I will try again next month.

  18. Hi,

    Just have to say.. I LOVE this blog!! Such inspiring photos!

    I am quite the rookie at this macaroning thing, but I just happened to make some mango macs a few days ago, as well as just recently started up my blog! So I thought that maybe it was fate? Lol.. well, hope I can participate, as rookie as I am. Here are my mango macs.. with a mango cream cheese buttercream filling.. or was supposed to be anyway.. came out quite thin. =\



    P.S. I hope you don't mind that I edited the logo a bit to match.. but if you do, I totally apologize and will replace it immediately.. that is, if you don't ban me from participating for it! =)

  19. Ahhhh, I got sidetracked this month and my macarons are resting as I type this. If they're not failures, I'll write my post tonight!

  20. Done! I hope I'm not too late!

    Here's my Mixed Berry (strawberry/blueberry) macaron, with vanilla buttercream :)


    P.S. All of the macarons look GORGEOUS!

  21. I hope these aren't tooooo late! Here are my cherry margarita macarons: http://sharkyovengloves.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/cherry-margarita-macarons/

  22. I am really late but here it is:

  23. This blog is really cute! These are my first macarons and they aren't that pretty yet! But I'm really glad to be able to pick up some pointers from the others here, they look good!

  24. oh bugger!! i missed out again! blast!

    I did make some blueberry macarons back in February this year.
    I'll share the love anyway!


  25. Jane Austen... Really wonderful.